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Glen Thomas, Chris York, Tobin Moon and Tim Shortsleeve were four accounting professionals who faced, and accepted, the challenge to reshape a deflated industry. After 20 years, they understood that accounting was a powerful tool to drive business growth. But they strained to implement change within the constraints of traditional CPA firms.

Finally, in 2010, the team of four took the plunge by creating a new brand of accounting firm: collaborative, innovative and proactive. The initials TYS represent vast reserves of experience with proven efficiency and a commitment to “thinking forward” rather than scrambling behind, all for the benefit of our clients. To this day, our tactics and technology are backed by rock-solid knowledge and business instinct—the same drivers that inspired our founders to forge a new path seven years ago.

We service family owned business

What We Do Best!

Trusted Business Advisors

Trusted Business Advisors

It doesn’t take long for customers to realize they’ve never done business with a firm quite like TYS. Above and beyond our standard accounting, we serve as trusted advisors—taking a personal stake in our clients’ success. Our clients guide our vision and pledge to remain proactive rather than reactive: applying our expertise to identifying needs and exploring areas of opportunity. We are a results-oriented firm that will never track time and always deliver what’s promised, and then some.

There is a reason TYS was named to the Best Accounting Firms to Work list and touted in national trade articles as the “accounting firm of the future.” We’ve bucked the industry status quo—and we’re proud (and glad) that we did.

Our mission is to have an impact on our customers’ personal life and their business life, and as our founders often quote “We Change Lives!”. If you’re ready to blaze new trails in business, we’re ready to become your partner.

Construction Specialists

TYS brings over 20 years of construction industry experience. 
 Our successful track record working with construction bankers, coupled with our credibility with bonding agents,
will help position new bids and projects for success.

Best Accounting Firm
We service family owned business

Small Business Bookkeeping Packages

Through strong strategic alliances, TYS offers expert bookkeeping service without the cost of hiring an employee. This allows your team to focus on growing your business, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted advisor.


At TYS we know that it’s people that are worth counting.