Our Values

Our Customer Philosophy

Our customer is our central focus. Everyone from our leadership team to our employees understands that customers sustain our company vision and drive our core values:

  1. Price Certainty Promise – Our services are always a fixed rate to guarantee excellent results, no matter how many hours it takes.  No surprises!
  2. Proactive Problem Solvers – Our team will apprise customers of any potential issues or opportunities to address them in the moment, not when it’s too late. Never reactive!
  3. Open & Honest Communication – Transparency and disclosure are key. We will not hold back!
  4. Results-Only Work Environment – Our goal is to get the work done whatever it takes; we pursue goals.
    No hidden charges!
  5. Superior Level of Attention – We respond within 24 hours to all inquiries. Every inquiry is important!
  6. Employee Centric – Treating our employees with the highest standards translates into world-class service to our customer. Employees are our internal customers!

Trusted Advisor – Our services encompass everything: consulting, advising, constructive feedback, innovative ideas and suggestions. We have your back!

our customer philosophy

Our Employee Philosophy

We are very proud of our work place and along the way winning Best Accounting Firms to work list as we continue to strive for excellence in this area. At TYS our employees bring our values to life every day, allowing them to deliver results that are rooted in our commitment to clients. Integrity, initiative, and high standards are the common thread to our diverse team. Here are what employees are saying about our company:

Working at TYS is a gratifying experience. We’re trained to recognize the financial clues that may reveal fundamental issues facing our clients’ businesses. For example, maybe a client’s cost structure is out of balance. Or maybe they need a process to help collect more money up front. Solving meaningful problems for our clients never gets boring.Melissa Doty, Accountant Manager, CPA Boring Accountants? Not Here!
We are an accounting firm that embraces change. For example, we work in a paperless office. This means I have access to my clients’ information from anywhere, anytime. So, there are no limits on when I can help them. Personally, this means that on some days my longest commute is from the kitchen to my home office!Christel Whetstone, Sr. Accountant Kitchen Commute
TYS employees are self-starters, willing to learn new skills and technology. The culture here supports those that are willing to put in the work to pursue a new area of interest or education. Employees are treated with respect and given opportunities to grow. If an employee is willing to put in the extra effort, they will be rewarded tenfold.Melissa Wallace, COO, CPA Self-Starters Wanted

We service family owned business

TYS LLP is committed to great employee benefits in these areas:

Salary, salary replacement and retirement benefits
Wellness benefits
Qualities of Life benefits
Education and training

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At TYS we know that it’s people that are worth counting.