Glen A. Thomas


“Innovative” and “CPA” may not seem like concepts that belong together. But, clients that work with Glen understand how powerful the combination can be.

Today, as a founder and a partner at TYS, Glen applies his collaborative and “what if” style of accounting to organizations of all sizes. He helps guide businesses through acquisitions, successions, and other transitions – while ensuring that the goals and needs of everyone are satisfied.

Glen launched into the world of accounting with his degree from California State University, Chico, in 1983. Upon graduation, he joined Jones & Marzluft (J&M) in Danville, California. In May 1986, he opened the Orange County office of Jones, Henle & Schunck (JHS) as a manager and accrued in-depth construction industry knowledge and network. Glen became licensed in 1987.

Glen left JHS in 1988 to become CFO of Tracy Industries (Tracy), a group of site development contractors and residential land developers. In March 1991 Glen rejoined JHS in Danville. 
Glen became an owner with JHS and in 2005, its CEO.

In October 2007, Glen embarked on a lifelong dream with Chris York (formerly of JHS), to form ThomasYork, LLP. The addition of Tim Shortsleeve formed an exciting new triumvirate — and a new company: TYS.

Glen satisfies his passion for education as a committee member of the CalCPA Society Accounting Education Committee. He is also a member of the Business Advisory Board at the School of Business at California State University, Chico.

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