Tobin G. Moon

Need something done right? Ask a busy man.

Tobin is that man. As a partner at TYS and father to two sets of twins, Tobin knows that focus, dedication and enthusiasm are key to success. (Of course, a full night’s sleep is also helpful.)

Tobin earned his degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 1999, and became licensed as a CPA in 2008. He quickly gained experience working for a small Colorado-based CPA firm and a construction-focused accounting firm in California.

Tobin joined TYS eager to be part of a more non-traditional accounting firm where he could focus on generating results for his clients – not just billable hours.

The results-only work environment (ROWE) at TYS means Tobin can partner with his clients to do more than just solve problems or avoid accounting pitfalls. He proactively explores opportunities for growth, cost efficiencies, and process improvement.

In between his duties as a partner and a dad, Tobin pursues golf as his backup career. He is also becoming somewhat of a health fanatic, while maintaining his self-proclaimed status as a cookie monster.

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Tobin G. Moon

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