Tax Season is Coming: Five Steps to Get Ready

Tax Day? What are you talking about? Tax season is not for a while yet. That may be true, but it comes quickly. The Tax Season will be here before you know it! Why not start getting ready now? 2019 could be the year you are totally prepared. In order to help you get there, TYS LLP has laid out … Read More

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Bitcoin Transactions?

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Exchanging a cryptocurrency for another, converting it back to USD or spending cryptocurrency are taxable events. Gains and losses on all individual trades must be reported to the IRS and are subject to capital gains tax.

IRS Shutdown – How worried Should You Be?

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IRS Shut Down: How Worried Should You Be? What does the government partial shutdown mean regarding your tax return? Well, the IRS issued a new contingency plan to deal with the shutdown, but that hasn’t really helped tax professionals and lawmakers relax. There are gaps in the 132-page plan, but this is what we know: Returns will be accepted. Refunds … Read More